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Jon Foster – President

Jon Foster

If you had told Jon Foster fifteen years ago that he would be President of a highly profitable, niche tire company, he probably would have choked on the coffee he was selling at Da Vinci Gourmet. In partnership with his father-in-law, Jerry Knoll, Jon took over the near-bankrupt tire company PAT International in 2000. Foreseeing potential with their proprietary, flat-free wheel technology, Jon spent the next fifteen years building a thriving, nimble, profitable business and brand with passionate employees and a committed customer base.

Jon’s ability to effortlessly navigate the fits and starts of a high growth organization has dubbed him the “sawtooth” – smooth most of the time, but serious traction available when the going gets tough. In addition to strategic business visionary, Jon oversees daily operations at Marathon from new product development and supply chain management to market expansion and production efficiencies.

Jon credits the Marathon people and culture as critical to making the business shine. The dedication, optimism, and customer-focus instilled in the team allows the business to respond creatively and quickly to client requests and market changes.

And, yes, there is life beyond tires for Foster. A proud father of three, Jon loves relaxing with his wife and kids at the family lake – swimming, paddle boarding, sailing, and catching crawfish. An avid outdoorsman, he’s summited Mt. Rainier and twice tackled Tour de France hills on his bike. He has also served as a Finance Elder, Treasurer and High School volunteer at Sammamish Presbyterian Church.

Mike Gockel – VP, Sales & Marketing

Mike Gockel

For Mike life is all about relationships. Committed to each and every customer regardless of their size, and with a sense of heartfelt sincerity not often seen today, he uses his creativity to meet and exceed their expectations. He brings a ‘can do, don’t quit’ attitude to everything and won’t quit until he has provided a solution to his customers.

Once doubted by an early customer because of Mike’s ambition to grow their Marathon business to $50,000 in sales within the first 12 months, Mike saw only the challenge and the opportunity. Fast forward 14 years, that same customer now does well over $50,000 a month and has become one of Marathon’s largest accounts.

With such a strong ability to connect with people on all levels, and the energy and personality he brings to Marathon on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that Mike is also the chief event planner for Marathon.

Smooth rolling in all situations, but with the ability to dig in when needed, Mike is often compared to Marathon’s ‘Castle’ tread.

Prior to joining Marathon Mike started his career at UPS as a sales intern, progressing to senior account manager. He left UPS after five years to join Marathon, excited by the opportunity to build a business from the ground up.

Outside of the world of tires, Mike is fuelled by the same sense of passion and devotion he brings to work. A father of four (yes, four!) children Mike spends much of his personal time involved with sports – either playing basketball, volleyball or wakeboarding, or supporting his children as both a coach and fan from the sidelines of their games. He’s also is on his children’s school’s endowment investment committee and is a key leader of the marriage preparation team at his local church.

Amy Bryant – Director, Global Supply Chain

Amy Bryant

For Amy it’s all about processes, continually improving on those processes and when they don’t work, getting creative to make them right – normally before anyone notices something was wrong.

Amy likens herself to the “Ribbed” tread, claiming she’s ‘no fuss, no muss’. To her colleagues, however, she’s the ‘go-to’ person within the office, and the one who keeps everything and everyone at Marathon together.

As director of global supply chain, Amy’s role covers inventory management for three warehouse locations, international and domestic logistics and routing, orders and imports. All while keeping a costs and inventory as low as possible. In her own words “My job is basically doing a puzzle every day. My goal is to have the right product, in the right place, at the right time.”

Amy joined Marathon in 2004 following a degree from Western Washington University and a short career in office management at Sears. Initially working as an office administrator at Marathon she steadily took on more and more projects and responsibility, eventually getting deeply involved in supply chain and logistics.

By her own admission Amy’s not quirky and enjoys life’s simple pleasures. An avid gardener she finds few things more satisfying than picking and eating vegetables she’s grown from seed. Photography is a newer passion and something she hopes to get better at. Finley, her young daughter keeps her on her toes.

Chris Ferber – Operations Manager

Chris Ferber

Little did we know when Chris Ferber changed careers from middle school teacher to tire manufacturing, let’s face it – not the most obvious career path, he would still be at it fourteen years later. Always calm in any tire storm, Chris has earned the badge of the “Smooth” tread – dirt and mud roll off him as he glides through it all with the patience of a saint.

With his effortless ability to roll with the ever-changing dynamics of his job, Chris has grown and developed with Marathon to currently oversee all warehouse operations, employees, and freight. Not a small task with a warehouse that is running full-tilt shipping thousands of tires a day. A people-person at his core, Chris thrives on the family atmosphere present at Marathon and is notorious for bringing out the best and most productive side of his team.

Besides building tires, Chris enjoys crafting furniture and honing his skills at home brewing in his downtime. A devoted husband and father of two, Chris enjoys camping, fishing, and boating with his family as well as coaching his son’s baseball team.

Tim Moss – Technical Director

Tim Moss

The core product line of Marathon Industries is the brainchild of Tim Moss, a self-proclaimed “conscious creator”. One of the original co-founders back when the company was PAT International, Tim has been integral from the beginning. A passionate, lifelong learner with a vast array of knowledge, Tim speaks of non-pneumatic microcellular polyurethane as fluidly as he speaks of the Harry Potter-esque, meditation “She Shed” he built for his wife in their backyard. Although a degreed polymer chemist, this modern Renaissance man is a self-taught mechanical designer, mechatronics master and CNC machinist.

Similar to the “Mountain bike” tread, Tim is able to navigate and handle the most difficult trails. The go-to technical problem solver and innovator at Marathon, he is responsible for new product development, chemical compliance, and customer collaboration. However, it’s the teamwork and comradery with the Marathon family that keeps Tim committed for the long-term – don’t tell his co-workers but he occasionally dreams of a second career as a professional bowler with his consistent 212 average per game.

Prior to Marathon, Tim has used his imagination for good at numerous companies, working on a range of projects from prosthetic feet to automotive composites. He is responsible for several U.S. and foreign patents as well as many trade secrets. Not one to rest in his free time, Tim views the world as his canvas from creating medieval stained glass windows to enigmatic sculptures and buildings. Most importantly, though, Tim is a dedicated father and husband – all the things he creates are for his family to experience life’s joys and delights to their fullest.